ADRESS : 19 rue du Bois Semé, Thizy – 69240 Thizy les Bourgs

ERGOFLEX workstation

Robust, functional and ergonomic, the ERGOFLEX workstation is a handling aid that can be adapted to individual requirements. It has been studied and designed to offer a highly advanced modular solution that can be adapted to all types of preparations, with a wide range of accessories and complements depending on the different objectives to be achieved.

Description of the standard workstation (image 01) :

  • Table with white melamine-coated chipboard work-tray (other colors on request). Possibility of having a composite material work-tray (Corian type) with different colors to choose from.
  • Mechanical height adjustment (or electrical height adjustment with memory for 3 different heights)
  • T-shaped table legs – Portico with perforated posts in grey (other colors on request)
  • 2 shelves in white melamine-coated chipboard, one with a comb for filing boxes (other colors on request)

Table dimensions :

  • Width: from 700 to 900 mm
  • Length : from 1400 to 2000 mm

Gantry dimensions :

  • Width: up to 1500 mm
  • Height: up to 1950 mm

Specific workstations ONLY ON REQUEST.